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      Beautiful American Wedding In Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

      Another amazing wedding, another awesome experience… An American couple with European roots, Katherine and Peter, wrote to me, that they really like my photography and if I would like to come to Prague to shoot their wedding. I was excited right away. Prague – a gorgeous old city, full of history, culture, art,… A young couple keen on my photography… The wedding that I couldn’t wait to go. And when the day came when I finally met these two super nice people and their guests…, oh it was perfection. Even the weather with mild rain was just great.

      Pachtuv Palace (Smetana Hotel) wedding getting ready

      Katherine prepared herself in the luxury Pachtuv Palace (Czech: Palác Pachtů, now Smetana Hotel), an 18th century Baroque residence, which is lying in a magnificent riverfront position in the heart of the Old Town (Staré Město). It’s just a few steps away from Charles Bridge as well as the iconic Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí). Surrounded by art masterpieces and extraordinary cultural atmosphere, the hotel used to be the usual home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Prague. The aristocrat Jan Pachta, who used to own this residence, was a great music lover so he would often invite composers to stay in his palace. One of these was Mozart, who actually wrote some of his works in the rooms of the palace, and had performed them during his presence at the property. One of the suites of the hotel was named after him. There were also other noted guests – such as German composers Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Wagner, also the great Italian adventurer and lover Giacomo Casanova.

      St. Giles Church wedding

      The ceremony took place in the St. Giles Church (Kostel sv. Jiljí), built in the 14th century as a cathedral. It’s located on a charming narrow street, near to the Old Town Square. Gothic on the outside and Baroque within, St. Giles is a grand Catholic church with very high ceilings and ornate frescos. The main altar is fascinating, adorned with polished gold relics. Throughout the church there are impressive marble spiral columns and intricate wood-carvings. The magnificent organ at St. Giles from 1737 has the unique acoustic quality and is the biggest classical organ in Prague, with 50 registers and 3500 reed-pipes. The historical beauty of St. Giles Church also attracts film makers. Scenes from the film Amadeus, directed by Milos Forman, were filmed there.

      The Vrtba Garden and The Charles Bridge portrait wedding photography

      Then we took a tour around the Prague by the oldtimer Skoda car. We went to The Vrtba Garden (Vrtbovská zahrada), a fine Baroque garden, situated on the slope of Petřín Hill. It is listed for its historic cultural values by UNESCO. We also walked over the famous Charles bridge (Karlův most) that crosses the Vltava river. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the 15th century. It was originally called Stone Bridge (Kamenný most) or Prague Bridge (Pražský most) but has been “Charles Bridge” since 1870. This bridge was the most important connection between Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) and the Old Town, also adjacent areas. It was important as a trade route between Eastern and Western Europe, protected by three bridge towers. The bridge is decorated by a continuous alley of 30 statues.

      Zofin Palace wedding reception

      The reception was held in the beautiful Zofin Palace (Palác Žofín), a Neo-Renaissance palace from 1837, situated on Slavonic Island (Slovanský ostrov). It was named after Princess Sophie (Žofie in Czech), mother of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. Antonín Dvořák held his first concert here in 1878. Also other famous composers – Berlioz, Liszt, Tchaikovsky and Wagner appeared in concerts in the palace. Má vlast, a set of six symphonic poems by Bedřich Smetana, was first performed in Žofín Palace in 1882… Local music combined with great DJ, tastefully food, energetic and relaxed people having fun, dancing,… Oh yes, it was unforgettable!

      Katherine and Peter, thank you for all the beautiful moments I’ve spent with you at your wedding in Prague. I wish you all the best!!!