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        Authentic Wedding Storytelling

        My couples are the center stage of my wedding photography. I create with an open heart dedicated exclusively to them. The inspiration to tell their unique wedding story comes from the spontaneous connection between us. My images are deeply embedded with sincere emotions. They are made to evoke the strongest feelings about love. If you are passionate about life and love as much as I am, then let’s connect…
        Samo Rovan

        Warm . Emotional . Artistic . Joyful . Adventurous

        The purpose of my photography is to capture the beautiful and genuine soul of the wedding.


        This is just unbelievable!!! We can not put into words how well you captured our day... We are blown away with the quality and how incredibly you have captured each and every moment!!! You have a gift and we can not thank you enough.

        - Aneeta & Chris, Florence, Italy


        Myyyy god, AMAAAAAAAAZING!!! WOW... what a story!!! You have managed to blow our minds yet again!! We absolutely LOVE you and your work!!!

        - Angie & Francois, Provence, France


        We were so excited when we went through so many carefully taken and arranged frames and felt just like everything happened once again. We were so moved, so happy and enjoy so much those warm, delighting, glamorous and funny moments, there are so many details, we have to look into them again and again, and again… Many many sincere thanks from us!

        - Liang & Liu, Beijing, China


        A very BIG thank you for the photos!! You really are a spectacular photographer! And we feel very lucky to have found you...

        - Tricia & Raffaele, Verona, Italy


        Thank you so much for sending these over, they are absolutely incredible. You’ve captured so many wonderful moments of us and Rome. We absolutely love them! Such a wonderful story. We wish we could do it all over again!!

        - Rachel and Nick, Rome, Italy


        THANK YOU!!! Wow, wow, wow - you are really the best! What a wonderful pictures - gorgeous! Just wow! :-)))) We love all of them!

        - Kristina & Torge, Hamburg, Germany


        Thank you so much for taking those incredibly beautiful pictures! They are awesome!!!! You captured some amazing moments that will stay with us forever!

        We think you have a very unique style. You’re able for each wedding not to impose your style but to capture and showcase the couples “dynamic”/mood/style. We’ve rarely seen that. Most photographers’ weddings all look the same - as if the couple could be anyone.

        We hope you tell that to clients and in workshops - it’s your biggest asset!!

        - Trina & Pierre, Paris, France

        "Why we've hired you? Because your photography is the most sincere wedding photography we've ever seen!"

        groom Alex, wedding in Verona, Italy

        "You see the best within a given reality and are not trying to create an artificial perfection."

        bride Anja, wedding at Zemono mansion, Slovenia

        About my photography

        "It is no coincidence that in the hands of wedding photographer Samo Rovan, the camera reflects passion, sincerity and warmth. It is these same qualities with which he approaches all of his subjects. It is also why people have sought him out time and time again, asking him to photograph them or for them. Framed by beautiful destinations, an architect’s sense of space and structure, Samo’s work pulls into focus the unique and pure emotion of the moment. The feeling always wins in his photographs. In his expert hands, Samo captures the story of the event, the couple and their guests. It is a story that transcends the day, a story that Samo intends to be relayed and understood by future generations - the children and grandchildren of the couple. This is a grand vision, but nonetheless, one that this award-winning photographer captures within each beautiful moment. Samo’s positive energy, humor and complex compositions not only define his work but have also elevated him to an award-winning photographer, as well as a speaker at international wedding photography conferences, where he sheds a light on the complexity in photography. He has an ability to create stories that have layers and strong content, which is brought into focus through his passion and sense of humor. It is a unique combination of compelling qualities to which we can all feel when admiring his work."

        WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), 'POY 2015 - WPJA Photographer of the Year' title, USA

        "You have a very unique style. You’re able for each wedding not to impose your style but to capture and showcase the couples “dynamic” / mood / style. We’ve rarely seen that."

        Trina & Pierre, wedding in Paris, France


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