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      After a very turbulent year it’s finally time to write on the blog about my ‘POY 2015 – WPJA Photographer of the Year’ title.

      I’m a proud member of Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), which has been the number one trusted source for the best wedding photojournalists in the world since 2002. In 2015 I have received 13 awards and won prestigious POY title, which is indeed the highlight in my professional career. I’m very happy for this big recognition from such an elite American association with members from all around the world, it means a lot to me. It’s indeed a very good feeling when my photographs are noticed not only by my clients but also by my professional colleagues. And WPJA contests are really unique, because the judges are not wedding photographers like at all the others wedding photography competitions, but real photojournalists, some of them are even Pulitzer Prize winners…

      WPJA has asked me to do an interview about myself, my photography and the POY title. It’s published on WPJA home web page. Here you can read the full story: www.wpja.com/contests/photographer-of-year/2015-samo-rovan-slovenia

      My name is permanently engraved on the WPJA Traveling Trophy, which is traveling around the world since 2002. It was delivered to me for one year from previous WPJA poy Emin Kuliyev.

      Thank you so much WPJA for your recognition and beautiful words about my POY 2015 – WPJA Photographer of the Year’ title!!! I’m honored and grateful. Thank you also to many TV networks, newspapers and magazines for the interviews!

      What really made me happy were greetings from so so many of my clients. This award is indeed for all of us! If I wouldn’t have ‘the best couples in the whole world’ I’d never achieve this big title. Thank you for your trust, I love you all!!! <3

      Really special thanks goes to my family, to my adorable kids and of course my darling Romana!!! You’re my sunshine! <3

      Life goes on and new adventures are coming… I can’t wait to photograph all the amazing weddings and couples in the future. On the other side I also can’t wait to share my knowledge with the photographers who would like to improve their own photography with my ‘See The Big Picture Workshops’ (workshops, private mentoring and coaching). Drop me a note if you are interested, I’d be glad to help you…