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        Another interview, this time by FWD Media, one of the strongest, emerging media houses in the Indian state Kerala, which is called also ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. FWD Media is based in Kochi, a major port city on the south-west coast of India. I’m very glad to be published in FWD Vivah, which is a premium lifestyle magazine, beside my Spanish friend Virginia Gimeno. It’s a special bridal (February – September) issue with fabulous actress Isha Talwar on the cover.

        In the interview ‘A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, SHOT ON EARTH’ they’ve written that marriages are made in heaven, but choreographed on earth. From behind the lens FWD catches up with two inspiring wedding photographers to learn about this mantra.

        Here it is what they have written about me in the entering text:
        “This photographer has to resonate with the couple in order to brilliantly capture some of the most precious memories in their lives.”

        FWD Vivah, thank you very much for this honour sharing my work with your readers!