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      I’m honored that INSIDER has selected my photo as one of 62 the best wedding photos taken in 2019 in the world!

      They’ve written: “Some photos demonstrated that a rainy wedding day isn’t always a bad thing. Wedding photographer Samo Rovan took advantage of a rainy day to draw attention to a couple in a sweeping landscape, using a carefully placed umbrella to create the dramatic shot. The distance in the shot made the couple look romantic.”

      INSIDER is a lifestyle website (web magazine) based in NYC. They’ve made a selection among Fearless Awards (organization for wedding photographers Fearless Photographers).

      It is written: “These 62 best pictures of 2019 highlight every part of the wedding experience, from the emotional exchanging of vows to the joy of the reception.”

      My photograph was taken in Slovenia during the wedding photo shoot of Irena and Aleksander in heavy rain. The shoot was before the wedding ceremony. We were all totally wet. Luckily the hear dryers did their job well, so all was good. The wedding couple later said it was worth it since the photos came out really special.

      Thank you INSIDER for this recognition! Thank you Fearless Photographers and the judges for Fearless Award! Thank you Irena and Aleksander for your trust!