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      Wow, amazing – INSIDER has selected 2 of my photos among 48 of the most beautiful wedding photos taken in the last decade in the world! Incredible news after they have selected my photo as one of 62 the best wedding photos taken in 2019.

      Here it is what they’ve written about the first photo: “Couples were often surrounded by their loved ones in the best photos. In 2012, photographer Samo Rovan took this joyful picture of a couple being greeted by rose petals falling from the ceiling at their reception.”

      About the second photo: “Some of the sweetest photos came from candid moments. A groom carries his bride out of their wedding while their friends shower them in confetti in this 2013 photo taken by Samo Rovan.”

      INSIDER – a lifestyle website (web magazine) based in NYC, made a selection from a huge number of Fearless Awards. Fearless Photographers is an incredible wedding photography organization. I’m honored to be a part of it from the beginning!

      It is written: “The best wedding photos of the 2010s highlight the different ways couples celebrate their love, including a bride and groom who submerged themselves in the ocean in their wedding attire.”

      The first photograph was taken in Palmenhaus in Vienna (Austria) during the entrance of the wedding party at Johanna & Roman’s wedding. It was one of the most spectacular entrances I’ve ever seen. I’m glad that I captured the happiness of the wedding couple, surrounded by families and friends.

      The second photograph was taken in Grad Otocec (Slovenia) during the wedding ceremony at Surabhi & Ziga’s wedding. They survived the rice attack and you can see on the photo, how much grains of rice the bride captured in her lap.

      Sweet memories!

      Thank you INSIDER for another recognition! Thank you Fearless Photographers and the judges for Fearless Award! Thank you Johanna & Roman and Surabhi & Ziga for your trust!!! <3