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      Sensual Australian – French Wedding on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur), Provence, FRANCE

      I was waiting to post this wedding for so long… It left a very strong impression on me. It was truly full of sensuality, love, pure, strong and so beautiful connection between two people. She’s Angie, Australian… He’s François, French… They live in Australia but have decided to celebrate their wedding in Southern France, Provence, whose coastline is known as the French Riviera (French: Côte d’Azur).

      Le Beausset civil wedding

      The wedding day began with the relaxed civil wedding ceremony at the colorful town hall in Le Beausset, celebrated in a warm family circle. It’s a Provencal town with ancient origins, not far from Toulon. Le Beausset is full of charm and gaiety. There’s a very beautiful landscape and architecture. We, of course, stopped at the local bakery on a “croissant” and other sweet deliciousness. It was at the time of St. Eloi horse fair, so the whole Le Beausset was nicely decorated and full of horses. At the same time, the other wedding guests took the Cassis “Road Train” towards Le Castellet.

      Le Castellet church wedding

      After the civil wedding ceremony and festive walk through Le Beausset, the wedding day of Angie and François continued with the preparations for the intimate church wedding ceremony in Le Castellet, a small and very beautiful medieval village perched on a cliff edge with Provencal picturesque setting. There are small squares lined with old stone houses. François put up his special blue wedding suit and Angie, who prepared herself in a very charming Provencial villa, put up her fancy red high-heel shoes and chic white wedding dress, made by extravagant fashion designer Manon Gontero, based in Marseilles.

      With a “slight” delay, which is something usual in France, the ceremony took place in a lovely medieval “Church of St. Savior Transfiguration”, which was built in 1030 by the Bishop of Marseilles. It is truly ancient, the wedding couple has chosen a very special place to get married. Not to mention the priest, who was making jokes with a local police-woman, while waiting for Angie to arrive with her father in an old red Citroën 2CV, and led the couple into their marriage with a smile on their faces.

      Then a canapé, fresh lemonade and good champagne with the best possible wedding guests in front of the 15th century château… From the esplanade of the château is an exceptional panoramic view of the hills and vineyards. We made some portraits in the old town. The tourists were turning around and applauding to the lovely newlyweds, especially to Angie’s feminine charm.

      Portrait wedding photography between the vineyards in Provence

      François drew Angie to the vineyards in the Citroën 2CV, decorated with the inscription “Just married”. It was fun. We found a little cottage full of graffiti, perfect for making some portrait wedding photos. The smell of the dry grass and Angie’s perfume… The happy wedding couple, totally in love, love, love…

      Cassis and Calanques cocktail party and wedding reception with the views of Cap Canaille

      After doing portrait wedding photography we headed down to Cassis, along the local road that leads to the village, winding between vineyards and pine trees. Cassis is the little picturesque fishing port on the French Riviera, lined with cafes and restaurants.  It’s one of the most attractive seaside destinations in Provence with very beautiful beaches, about 20 kilometers east of Marseille. The Provençal motto, spoken by Nobel-prize winning writer Federique Mistral, is “Qu a vist Paris, se noun a vist Cassis, n’a rèn vist”, which means “Who has seen Paris and not Cassis, has not seen anything”.

      There are some nice old buildings, dating back to the 16th century, with the colorful pastels of Provence. A fine, the 1381 Chateaux de la Maison des Baux, dominates the harbor. Cassis is located between two exceptional natural sites – the celebrated Calanques (very steep walled inlets and bays along the coast, from 2012 declared the Calanques National Park due to their uniqueness) and the majestic Cap Canaille (at 394 meters the highest sea cliff of France).

      Angie and François danced up to the boat to join the cocktail party… There was a “Moby Dick” feeling, the heart shaped sunglasses, fantastic party and unforgettable views of the Calanques and Cap Canaille… The saxophone music in the background all the time… Then the wedding reception and speeches in a great restaurant with delicious fresh local fish and mussels and top quality French wine in Cassis, just near the Mediterranean Sea… The cheese wedding cake… Laugh, fun, happiness, cry… looove!!!

      Yes, this was the wedding of Angie and François, a sensual Australian-French couple on the Côte d’Azur in Provence. Love you guys, XOXO to Australia!!!