TO MENU

      Another amazing wedding, another awesome experience… An American couple with European roots, Katherine and Peter, wrote me, that they really like my photography and if I would like to come to Prague to shoot their wedding. I was excited right away. Prague – a gorgeous old city, full of history, culture, art,… A young couple keen on my photography… The wedding that I couldn’t wait to go. And when the day came and I finally met this two super nice persons and their guests, oh…, it was perfection.

      Everything was great, even the weather with mild rain was OK. Katherine prepared herself in Pachtuv Palace hotel, the ceremony took place in Church of St. Jilji. Then we took a tour around the Prague with an old Skoda car. We went to Vrtbovska zahrada and famous Charles bridge. The reception was held in beautiful Zofin Palace. Local music combined with great DJ, tastefully food, energetic and relaxed people having fun, dancing,… Oh yes, it was unforgettable!

      Katherine and Peter, thank you for all beautiful moments I spent with you. I wish you all the best!!!