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        In June three amazing Brazilian guys – Jr Dentinho, Gui Dalzoto and Guilherme Tichauer came to Europe for three months to interview some wedding photographers and videographers from ten states with their World Experience 2012 project. They want to explore and show what is going on with European wedding photography and videography. I was one of the invited photographers (in Slovenia they made an interview also with Jon Aleksander Krancan from Happy Wedding Films) and I’m really happy for that. We spent together unforgettable day.

        Guys, thank you so so so much for this experience!!! You’re a super great team. So thoughtful, fun and professional. Your presentation of me is incredible, because you really got the point. With special feelling you managed to show me exactly as I am. Excellent job, I really admire your work and I’m so glad that I met you!!! For sure I won’t miss any of your future videos and adventures…

        Thanks also to Anja and Andrej for crazy e-session (photo story is coming) and photographers Vinicius Matos and Fabio Ferreira, my special Brazilian guests.

        Here it is, video about me…

        [vimeo width=”880″ height=”543″]http://vimeo.com/45822410[/vimeo]