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        I was invited to be a speaker on Nikon Day Of Photography 2011 in Ljubljana. They say this is the biggest photographic event in Slovenia. It’s full of happening. You can shoot models all over the place, try Nikon equipment (from amateur to professional level), check and clean your cameras, listen to lectures of photographers, meet a lot of colleagues,…

        Three Slovenian professional photographers – Dean Dubokovic, Matjaz Tancic and myself talked about fashion and wedding photography. My friend Andrej Korenc introduced technical issues, new Nikon cameras,…

        It was my pleasure to be a speaker, to talk about my passion – wedding photography (theme: New trends in wedding photography). The hall was full (around 360 people listened to my presentation) and the response was great.

        Photo: Bojan Stepancic

        Saso Papp interviewed me before the presentation.

        There were around 360 listeners.

        Famous Slovenian photographer Arne Hodalic with Alan Orlic and Miro Majcen.

        It’s a special feeling talking to numerous audience.