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      Because of Covid 19, Inspiration Photographers decided to make another contest for 2020. This, of course, was not agreed upon from the beginning, but yes, this year is a really strange year, so strange things seem to be happening everywhere. In this last Inspiration Photographers Awards – Round 31 I got another Inspiration Award and 2 honorable mentions.

      After already looking forward to winning the regular competition, unfortunately, this additional unannounced contest pushed me to second place in the individual photo category. But I’m still in first place in the wedding story category. So in the sum of individual photos and wedding stories, I won overall 1st place! I’m so grateful for this amazing result! Congratulations to all the winning photographers and thanks to the jury and Inspiration Photographers. The biggest thank you goes to my amazing couples – you are the best!!!

      Here you can see all my Inspiration Photographers Awards.