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        Exceptional wedding photographer Huy Nguyen from F8studio posted my photo and the story behind it on www.photographuy.com: here is the direct link. Thank you Huy!

        Here is the story:

        Samo Rovan: This photo was taken during a really special and unique wedding, which took place in the middle of Slovenian mountains at Krnsko Lake. It was a perfect wedding for me and my photography style.  I love mountains and I love to photograph weddings, so shooting the wedding in the mountains was a dream come true for me.

        First we needed to walk uphill for about 3 hours to the cottage, and then the guys carried the table and four chairs to the location near the lake where the ceremony took place. The weather was unpredictable and was changing constantly. First it was cloudy, then we got some sun and then it was cloudy again. When the ceremony began it was cloudy, but as the couple stood up for the exchange of rings, the sun came out and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. Mountains, sun, the first kiss of the newlyweds…

        Then it was time for congratulations and the toast with champagne being poured into plastic cups (as the wedding took place in the middle of nowhere). Then all of a sudden some heavy rain started to pour down and the couple and all of the guests opened their umbrellas and were searching for a shelter to hide from the rain. This was a crucial moment which really made this photo. Happy, confused people jumping around, not knowing what to do and where to hide. I was wet allover, but I didn’t really care. I was waiting, searching for that special moment to take a special photo and I guess I found it.

        After a few minutes, when the table and the chairs were already carried back to the cottage, it stopped raining and the sun came out again. I took the couple to shoot some photos in the middle of cows in the pasture nearby. We had great fun and made some memorable photos in the spirit of the wedding. When we returned to the cottage, the party took it’s own way. When browsing through the photos the next day, I realized that by taking this photo, I have managed to show the spirit of the unique moment, when it started raining. It really was a unique and gorgeous wedding!

        Huy Nguyen: Samo has a great eye for seeing a scene with many subjects all happening at once.  Each subject is in its own interaction – and yet they all seem to work together to become a fascinating photograph.  I love the way he sees these complex moments.  I’m really interested in exploring this myself.  Thank you Samo!

        Laurie Broome


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