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Samo goes to USA – speaker on FC2011 in New Orleans

Personal . Monday, June 20, 2011

A few days after getting invitation for mentorship on wedding photography workshop in Spain, I got another invitation from USA. My colleague, one of the best wedding photographers in the world – Huy Nguyen, invited me to be a speaker on Foundation Conference 2011 (FC2011) in New Orleans.

I’m flattered that I have a chance to be a speaker on FC2011 with this group of fantastic photographers and people: Ben Chrisman, Sergio, Mark Pawlyszyn, Jenna + Tristan, David Murray, Kate Mefford, Todd Laffler, Gulnara, Ed Atrero + Jan Garcia and Huy. They are the real wedding rockstars, awesome, fearless and badass.

New Orleans…, here I come!!!

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