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Epilog d.o.o. – Portrait of the Company

Portraits . Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I was asked to make a portrait of the company Epilog d.o.o. (one of the leading suppliers of IT systems for the warehousing of long materials in Europe). I met company’s leader Mr. Damjan Širca on Fotopub (Festival of Documentary Photography in Novo Mesto, Slovenia). The company had the Doors Open Day on 20th anniversary, so Damjan asked me to be there and try to make some photos, a story. I enjoyed so much. They have new offices made by architect Sandi Pirš. It’s a special place. Architect called it “inside of an ice cube or ice canyon”. I had an amazing evening with open-minded people. Their board table is also pool table and there are different sport accessories (basketball, darts, golf,…) incorporated in each office room. Great space for great ideas.

As I said, I also shoot events. And I like it!


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