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American – English wedding at the Schlosspark Mauerbach near Vienna

Weddings . Thursday, August 11, 2011

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As soon as I arrived at the Schlosspark Mauerbach, on the outskirts of Vienna, I knew that this wedding will be incredible. Sophia – American bride and Richard – English groom. Two cultures mixed together into something new. Wedding guests from around the world, joy and happiness, beautiful clothes, gorgeous sunny day, a unique location surrounded by nature… Oh yeah, again I immensely enjoyed shooting.

All events except the ceremony, which took place in the church nearby, was held at the hotel. Pouring and catching glasses in the swimming pool, tying neckties with help by iPad and YouTube, mashing bridal gown cord through a really small hole, fabulous bridesmaids, exuberant associates, joyous wedding guests, fireworks from celebration in the neighborhood, incredible band, which burned everybody on the dance floor,… The wedding was really amazing!

Sophia and Richard, wish you all the best on your future road.

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